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James Knull
RE/MAX Real Estate
10805 - 120 street, Edmonton, Alberta
P: 780.488.4000
F: 780.426.5700

Smooth & Stress Free From Start to Finish

Hi, my name is Bruno Jury and I recently worked with the James Knull Real Estate Team on purchasing a Multifamily building! The best part about working with James was

His professionalism throughout the process, he guided me every step of the way and he also provided invaluable contacts that helped me close the deal in a smooth way.

The experience was great, James really knows the Edmonton market and is very well connected in the city.

I would really recommend James to anyone looking to buy a multifamily property in Edmonton!

~ Bruno Jury

An Investors Best Friend

James is true professional. I cannot say enough good things about James. We have used him as our realtor for two investment properties; however, James has provided us far more value then simply helping us close these 2 deals. James has provided us contacts of plumbers, handymen, appliance repair, and other professionals. He has given us immense support with his knowledge of the rental industry as it relates to the Edmonton market, as well as how it relates to the Alberta law. He has given us tons of landlord related advice and support. It is clear, having worked with James for just over 1 year, that James has one primary focus: Helping his clients in whatever way they need him. He responds to texts and emails in a timely fashion and never shies away from providing advice, even if the 'work' of providing that advice doesn't mean he closes any additional business. He has demonstrated to us that he has an "add value first" mindset - and is willing to help anyone who comes to him. He would rather give away free advice to a few who may never use him for a deal and impress many other, rather than try to be proprietary and ensure that he only gives advice to "serious" clients. I would recommend him to anyone considering an investment property, regardless of the size of your portfolio or even if you're looking to buy your first one. In fact, I would recommend him so strongly that a few months ago I went out of my way to get 5-6 of his business cards and I make a point of carrying them with me in case I run into someone at a networking event who would need a realtor, and I pass out his cards for him. He is the kind of person who goes so above and beyond you as his client, that you just feel like you want to do the same for him.

~ Simon and Kathy Ghali

The Highest of Recommendations

Hi, my name is Andrea Tuchlinski, my husband and I recently worked with the James Knull Real Estate Team on purchasing our new home! The best part about James was his commitment and honesty. We are brand new to Alberta and we didn't know which area would suite us best; James spent countless hours showing us around the city, giving us tips on events and dining options, as well as outdoor activities.  My husband and I were interested in investing in the Edmonton market, and James made it his goal to find a property that suited our portfolio and our budget. He actually ended up saving us over 40K on our first deal!  

The experience was exciting, and we decided to join James' monthly investment meet up, and we continually look to him for advice on investing, and the current market. We will continue to work with James; we were impressed by his professionalism, and he is very trustworthy.

And I would really recommend James to anyone in our situation!

~ Andrea and Georg Tuchlinski

Helping build a supportive network

Working with James was terrific! He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and well connected, plus he's a veteran real estate investor himself. Which, for me, was a real benefit when choosing someone to work with in this arena. James is not only a fantastic agent, guide and mentor, he has become an integral player in the growth of my real estate portfolio.

~ Reka Beatty

First Time Multifamily Investor

It was a pleasure working with both of you as well. Thanks for all your help and advice. It made the first multi not as scary knowing I had you and your experience watching out for me.

~ Steve Rowland

Here’s why Investors choose me!,




Detailed and Effecient Investments are the best!

Hi, our names are Devin and Tracie Gray.   We recently worked with the James Knull Real Estate Team on purchasing a new rental property.  They were professional every step up the way and really listened to what we wanted.  The best part about working with James and his team was they found us everything we wanted in a property, in a great neighbourhood.  We put an offer on it right away and they helped us close quickly so we could start renting it out.  We are very happy with our experience, highly recommend James and his team and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again for our next real estate purchase.

~ Devin and Tracie Gray


Facilitating investments from start to finish! 

James played a key role in my real estate investment venture by offering valuable market and product knowledge as well as connections to high-performing suppliers. Exceeding my expectation, James served as my mentor throughout the purchasing process by providing value-adding advice on property research, negotiation, due-diligence, closing, and post-closing management. As an out-of-town investor, I am thoroughly impressed with James’ professionalism, diligence, and efficiency and would be glad to refer James to anyone interested in real estates in Edmonton.

~Tonny Lam



Good Communication And Hard Work Pays Off!

Interested in real estate as an investment, but initially knowing little about it, James did a phenomenal job of guiding me through the process of purchasing my first rental property.  From the start, James' responsiveness to all my questions provided the information I needed to move forward with my decisions.  His wealth of experience, professionalism, and in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry made me feel informed and comfortable with the property I bought.  I was able to trust his advice and learned a lot through the process without feeling pressure.  Thanks to James' keen attention to detail and great work ethic, he has helped find the property that is best suited for me.

I will definitely be using James in future for my real estate needs and recommend his services to anyone looking for a quality real estate agent.

~Kevin Griebel



Creating A Hobby!

I had been interested in investment properties for years, but was hesitant to get the ball rolling. I had a lack of knowledge and found the whole process to be quite overwhelming.  I was introduced to James and within weeks I was looking for tenants! He helped me turn years of thought into action.  Before I met James, the idea of building my investment portfolio seemed daunting.  Now I consider it almost a hobby. James' knowledge and openness to share his knowledge has saved me years of learning.  James is smart, savvy yet humble and honest.  Working with James has been the one of the best professional decisions I've ever made.  I look forward to continue learning from James while growing my portfolio. I would recommend James to anyone who's serious about becoming independently wealthy.

~ Ryan Petaske



James Helps Adhikar Continue to Close Deals and Build A Strong Portfolio!

"I first met James when he spoke at a REIN meeting. He is a real estate expert, and is willing to share his knowledge freely. He introduced me to a mortgage broker, lawyer and property manager to assist me. James sets himself apart from other realtors, in that he is also a real estate investor, and understands my needs. He shows me properties that fit my criteria. He makes the process of purchasing properties seamless, and in fact two of my property purchases closed while I was out of the country, and everything went according to plan. I have introduced my friends to James, and will continue to do so. I see James as an important part of my real estate team, and will continue to do business with him as I grow my real estate portfolio."

~Adhikar Gokul



James Knowledge and Expertise Helps Makes The Purchase Of Cindys First Rental Property Easy!

James is an experienced, young professional realtor, who has shared some of his experiences on how he built his real estate portfolio of cash flowing properties.  As novice investors, we relied on his advice, insights and his network of professionals going through the purchase of our first rental property together.  His knowledge and experiences are quite inspirational to us, and we find his advice as a sense of mentoring providing us knowledge and connections that have helped us build our team.  We have been investing in real estate for a few years, starting out with acquiring basement suited homes as our investment properties, which James has started out the same.  He brings value-added expert knowledge in specializing in one of his niche areas, basement suited homes.   We have found that James’s business model and investment mentality is aligned with our current goals and aspirations, which made him the type of realtor that fits with our priorities.  In addition to focusing on suited homes, he provides a service that meets our specific needs such as setting up detailed searches of the types of properties we are looking for.  Through his system, we have found an investment property that cashflows in an area that is well desired, where he has negotiated for good value for us. 

~Cindy Louie



James singles himself out as an exceptional realtor that really understands the concept of real estate investing for cashflow.  He has a great network of professionals with a lot of knowledge that are open to sharing with us.  We have learned a lot from James, and we are currently in the process of working with him to build our portfolio.  James is a great realtor, and we would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase investment real estate.  We would recommend James as a realtor, as he understands his clients needs and will represent you to achieve what you want.  If you are an investor looking for properties with good cash-flowing opportunity, James is a realtor that understands Edmonton’s communities and where to invest, is receptive and responds quickly and provides potential leads on properties with potential opportunity for his clients. 



Lets Get Down To Business!

I have been investing in real estate for over 28 years and have dealt with many realtors. In all that time I found three that understood what I was looking for and James is the best of them. James understands his market, what prices should be, both buying and selling, and what rents can be demanded for my rental units. He has always been accurate. With every transaction I have done with James he has made me money with his knowledge and negotiation ability. He is a full disclose man as well and this is appreciated. What is really great is he returns calls, emails and takes the initiative in many cases. James has a “Let’s get down to business” attitude and I am looking forward to working with him on many more projects.

~Murray Wood



Property Management at its Best!  

Yes. So far everything is smooth.  Both units are rented out.  Randy is on top of his property management.  This purchase is a great investment.  Please pass on my big thanks to James for his hard work, showing me 5-6 of good picks, and allowing me to select the best one. This duplex IS a rare find.

~Helen Xu



Rein Rookie Of The Year!

I am pleased to be able to recommend James. I interviewed several realtors before deciding to work with him, but he stood out in the amount of time and detailed explanation he gave me. This went beyond excellent knowledge of the Edmonton market to tailoring that knowledge to my specific investment needs. Going beyond that, having his knowledge of suited houses gave me the confidence to expand my scope and take on projects to create profitable secondary suites. When working with James I value his accessibility and availability, he has always been there when needed to make a deal go through, check out a property or to give advice. I certainly could not have gotten where I am without him.

~John Rogers



First Steps To Diversifying Your Portfolio.

To Whom it May Concern:

For the past year or so, my wife and I had been casually discussing the idea of purchasing an investment property as a way to diversify our portfolio, however, every time we would seriously start considering the idea, we would find at least 5 good reasons why we should not pursue real estate as an investment.  My wife and I both work plenty of overtime hours so the thought of not only having to search and find a good property to purchase, but to also manage it and deal with tenants seemed like quite a daunting and time consuming task.  If the thought of giving up our free time wasn't bad enough, some of our relatives had been landlords so we had heard many stories of bad experiences such as dealing with troublesome tenants as well as tales of endless dollars and hours spent on repairs, upgrades and renovations   Basically, everything that we had heard about investing in real estate from family and friends was that it was not worth it, and that it would consume all of our free time.  We were finally ready to give up on our goal of owning an investment property until I started chatting with James after a dodgeball game.

I had heard that James was not only a real estate agent, but that he had put together a successful portfolio of investment properties and had coached many other beginner investors on how to successfully do the same.  James recommended a few good books to help me gather some more knowledge and told me to give him a call whenever I had any questions.  After a few weeks of research and discussions with my wife about the amount of effort and time we were willing to put into an investment property, I decided it was time to give James a call.

We met James for lunch and were immediately impressed with not only how knowledgeable he was in the field of real estate, but also at how much he was willing to help us and coach us through the process.  We brought up all of our concerns and hesitations which he did not dismiss as trivial as some other investors we had spoken to had done, but instead provided realistic options and solutions based on his experiences.  He provided guidance in the areas of setting up a business plan, analyzing the numbers from a financial scenario and he evaluated our comfort and risk levels.  He also advised us on working on our business by providing the framework and resources so that we could manage our property from a higher level, and reduce the time directly spent dealing with any issues that may arise ourselves.  James addressed our concerns and reservations with such directness that a week later we called him back, ready to search for our first investment property.

While looking for a property James was outstanding.  He filtered out properties that although may make a good investment for many others, would be too time consuming for our needs.  Once we found a house that we were interested in, he assisted us every step of the way in the purchasing process and was always available to answer all of the questions that came up during the process.  Even before the transaction was complete, James assisted us in placing ads to find tenants and provided tips and advice along the way.

Thanks to James we now have a diversified investment portfolio and are on the way to achieving our financial goals. This would not have been possible without all of his efforts, coaching and assistance.  James has gone above and beyond what any other real estate agent would have done, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone interested in investing in real estate.


Matthew Min



Achieving & Setting Goals

James has been the main factor in getting me out of analysis paralysis.  He made it very straight forward and easy to understand what all of my steps would be.  He showed me examples of good properties and bad properties to be able to distinguish the two.  I had a rough plan on what I wanted to do with real estate investing and James helped me to clarify my plan to align with my present and future goals.  James has been very accurate on his projected numbers for rents and vacancies as well as tenant profiles for each property.   I feel very confident in James' abilities as a realtor and as an investor and would highly recommend him to anyone contemplating getting into real estate investing.


~Ryan Pomedli



Extended search helped Brent find the perfect fit!

James is extremely diligent in his approach and tireless in his commitment to finding the right property. We looked at dozens of properties before finding the proper fit for my portfolio and James made the research and acquisition very straightforward. James brings a deep level of skill and expertise in property management and asset selection because of his active involvement in his own investment portfolio. I highly recommend James to anyone looking to buy revenue property

-Brent Magnan


 James recently negotiated a deal with VENDOR FINANCING

We would very much like to thank you for your help with finding the investment property we purchased in Edmonton, and for taking the time to acquaint us with the city. We had to rely heavily on your expertise to guide us in the right direction as although we had done our own research your local knowledge was excellent and far more in depth than we expected. I will recommend you to my investment colleagues and friends as a person who is professional, thoughtful, friendly and very willing to go the extra mile to help us. We look forward to being able to deal with you again on our next purchase in the near future.

-Alan & Carolyn Barrie



Tyler, James and John together after purchasing investment properties!


John's rental property in Newton cashflows like crazy!


When I first met James, it didn’t take me long to realize he was truly in a class of his own. In short, his knowledge, passion and professionalism are second to none. As a first-time buyer/investor, he went above and beyond the call of duty. No request was too big or small for him to perform with excellence. His creative thinking techniques, problem solving abilities, and detailed knowledge put me at ease knowing I was in very capable hands. From beginning to end, he truly exceeded every expectation.

Working with James has been wonderful and I hope to keep him as a member of my team for years to come!

I sincerely thank you for all your hard work and anxiously look forward to my next purchase!”

- Tyler Callaghan

“I have experienced many real estate agents during the past 20 years. None of them have come close to James Knull; his attention to me as a potential client was second to none. Along with his personable nature, James’s work ethic and his desire to ensure that my real estate needs were met allow me to recommend him. I anticipate utilizing his services and expertise again in the future.”

- John Paton


Ryan and James looking sharp, as usual

“James is exactly what I was looking for in a Realtor who could help me with the purchase of my investment properties. He provided information and showed me properties that were a good fit for my investment portfolio. We looked at several types of cash flowing properties and didn't stop until we found the property that fit my strict purchase requirements. I'll continue to work with James as a my investment Realtor and would recommend him to any novice or veteran investor.”

-Ryan Bastian, REIN Member


Tyler, a senior REIN member, is all smiles with his fantastic portfolio

James found Tyler a fantastic suited house on the southside


“Working with James Knull as a realtor for our investment properties has been great. James is goal oriented and very knowledgeable in our target markets. This is important to me as an investor as it saves valuable time and helps to create results. When we look at properties they are those that meet our criteria, and James will prescreen those with a potential for cash flow.

James has also demonstrated a commitment to go that extra mile when we’ve needed his help in making a deal work out smoothly. Successfully investing in real estate involves many more steps than a straightforward home purchase and James has always been a big help in accomplishing these tasks.

Overall we’ve found James to be a great asset to our real estate team. As an active investor himself he understands our business and how he can contribute to its success. We have recommended James to both friends and family, and do so now without hesitation.”

-Tyler and Diana Wolfe, Dominion Street Homes



James showing Peter, a Vancouver investor, where the highest cashflows can be acheived on an Edmonton map.

"After interviewing and attempting to work with many realtors in the Edmonton market, we finally found one that had the competency and professionalism we were looking for. James, an investor himself, has a keen eye for properties that represent a great balance between quality, price and revenue potential.

An expert negotiator, he always knows which approach to take and is able to formulate good arguments and reasoning for the offers we present. We enjoy working with James and he is very valuable member of our team."

-Peter Merabian
Professional Investor from Vancouver


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