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James Knull
RE/MAX Real Estate
10805 - 120 street, Edmonton, Alberta
P: 780.488.4000
F: 780.426.5700

Here’s what my buyer clients have to say!


Buying with ease


Hello, my name is Gary Sharp. I worked with James Knull in purchasing my new home. When working with James, I appreciated that he kept in touch, and encouraged me to move forward with my goal. He listened to the requirements I had for a property and helped to target the exact type of property, in the neighborhood that I wanted. I look forward to working with James in the future. His team helped to make the process smooth. I really enjoy the monthly "Mogul Mastermind" workshops too.

I can easily recommend James to family and friends interested in buying a home. Thanks

Sincerely, Gary


Another First Tiem Home Buyer Settled in and Happy


Hi, my name is Braeden and I recently worked with the James Knull Real Estate Team on purchasing my first home! The best part about working with James was how quickly he found homes that met the requirements of what I was looking for, and James delivered more.  The process was fast - from finding homes, placing offers and signing all the documents. I couldn’t be happier with how it went!

The experience was awesome – If I were to buy or sell, I wouldn’t hesitate to call James!

And I would really recommend James to anyone in my situation!

~ Braeden Trefry


First Time Home Buying can be Stress FREE!


We had the pleasure of working with James Knull and his team this year when we were looking to buy our first home.  We could not have asked for a better experience. 

James was no pressure and focused on finding the right home for the right price.  He started by meeting with us to get a feel for what we wanted and our budget.  The listings he provided were great and easy to access through his online portal, where we could divide out listings into favourites, maybes, and not for us.  His wonderful team would then contact us to set up a date and time to look through our favourites.  As we looked at the first few homes, James got a sense for our style, asked us questions about what we liked about the homes, and started hand picking home for us to look at.  At no time did we feel any pressure to buy and he did an excellent job negotiating the best price.

The entire process was easy, stress free, and actually enjoyable.  James and his team run a successful business, but you can tell they genuinely care about helping you find your perfect home.  I would absolutely recommend James for any real estate purchases, but especially for first time home buyers who aren’t sure even where to start.  James’ experience and passion for his craft will help you through this daunting process.

~ The Davis Family


Providing a Personal & Positive Experience


I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to James for the high level of service and expertise he provided as my wife and I were searching for a new condo to purchase.  I am lucky enough to have known James for a number of years prior and consider him a good friend – but I was very impressed with his professionalism when we started the formal process of looking to buy a new home.  James intuitively knew exactly what we were looking for and narrowed the possibilities down to places that he knew we would be interested in – I found this fantastic as he already did a lot of the leg-work so we didn’t have to spend hours and hours looking at places that were not what we wanted.  The places he identified all had potential and it didn’t take very long for us to find the perfect place, and this had to do with the research and effort James put in prior to meeting with us to view potential homes.  When we found the place we wanted, James provided great advice in the negotiation phase which resulted in us buying the place we wanted for a great price.  After this the whole process went very smoothly and for this I can offer my sincere thanks to James and his assistant Kayla.  James and his team were always professional, very friendly and attentive to our needs, and always available when we needed them.  I would recommend James to anyone looking to buy or sell a home – James will make the journey exciting and fun and I can guarantee you will come out of it happy with the results.  I am proud to call James my friend and can say with absolute certainty that he can deliver the results you are looking for.


~ Niki Atwal and Monica Zenari



First Time Home buyers!


My name is Adam.  My common law partner and I met James when we started looking for our first house to buy.  From the first time contacting him until we signed the final paperwork for purchasing the house, I have had zero complaints about his, or his team's, performance.  I was nervous about the entire process and didn't know very much about the real estate industry but I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything important.  James and his team functioned flawlessly as my guide and advocate through the whole process.  His communication was exceptional-I rarely had to wait more then ten minutes to get a reply via email (and I often emailed him late at night or early in the morning).  Not once was he or his staff late for an appointment or viewing.  I felt in control the entire time and James gave me constant updates and honest opinions from his wealth of experience.  For a first time home buyer, feeling in control was very important to my partner and I.  For everything outside of viewings such as inspections, lawyers, etc. I chose to use the companies suggested by James.  They were all fantastic as well, both in product and price.


Where the Knull team went above and beyond, in my opinion, was their absolute commitment to satisfying our tight deadlines.  Our goal was to buy a single family detached home in 30 days because we were asked to leave a rental property.  I was expecting to hear "it can't be done", or to sense hesitation from the start.  Instead, James said "I can move my schedule around and we can look at houses tomorrow, if you like".  From there, we would consistently view about 10 houses per visit.  A lot of these houses we requested viewings for a day before hand.  Not once were we told no.  His team was committed to our tight deadline and I have no doubt that this is a habit they have practiced as a standard for all of their clients.


My partner and I are very happy with the house we have been living in for the past month.  Thank you James, and your team, for making this stage of our life an exciting one.

~ Adam & Holly



Finding the perfect home

I was lucky enough to be acquainted with James’ style and attention to detail through his feature in Avenue Magazine. The article noted his ability to identify spaces with excellent potential, and we were able to use that to select the property which was ideal for us. I had sent a list of properties off to James which I felt suited my personal style, and location preference. Although he took the time to work through each property with me, he was immediately able to tell me which properties would not be suitable. He had spent the time before the meeting researching my choices so that we could have an efficient day. He also provided one additional property which I had not originally chosen, and as soon as we pulled up to the property we fell in love with it. The location was one which we had not considered, yet was perfect for our needs, and the house was an unbelievable deal with the price only having been dropped the day before. James worked diligently with us throughout the process to ensure we got the best price and timeline. I have used realtors in the past as a tool for filling out paperwork, but James was cut from a different cloth. I felt as if making a decision in the process without involving him would be missing the most vital piece of the puzzle. I would strongly suggest that anyone looking to buy or sell a home use James as he will get the best property, in the best location, for the best price.

~ Mark Flemming



A Comfortable And Easy Process of Buliding A New Home.

I want to take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to James Knull for the high level of service and expertise he provided me in my home buying experience.It was my first time building a new home and the process could not have been more comfortable and easy. I am fortunate to have consulted with James on my plans of ultimately having rental properties and we were able to find the best suited home for that purpose. His prompt responses to any questions I had and his efficient communication with my builder in the early negotiation stages, were of incredible value. I am pleased to say that the offer that James and I made, was accepted and I walked away feeling like I got the best deal. His support didn't end when the deal was made, I had several questions for him during and after the building process and he patiently and enthusiastically answered all my questions. James is a true professional with incredible knowledge of the real estate and rental income market. I am so grateful that James has guided me in the right direction of my real estate goals, by listening to my needs and giving me honest and individual advice. I am certain that James will be my expert Realtor for any future real estate needs that I will have. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and being such a genuine professional Realtor and friend.

~ Yalda Forooghi



Shaune is happy with his purchases with James!

We have used James for 2 purchases and 2 sales and he has been phenomenal to work with. James makes himself very available to answer questions and always has great advice to offer. We would absolutely suggest James to others and look forward to working with him in the future!

~ Shaune Vasseur



A Diamond Of A Realtor!

We couldn't have been happier with the service James provides. From the start in learning more about Edmonton, all the way to the end and having a personable relationship is really great! The first time we met, we sat down for 2 or 3 hours with him and he gave us the full details of the area we were looking in and he's also knowledgeable on what is to come. We Completely felt comfortable, he's easy going, young but very knowledgeable in Real Estate which gives us that comfort that he is a great Agent to be working with. As well as, he is very personable and we have a lot in common, so it is very easy to get along with James!  The process was made so convenient for us. From the start to finish with all the information James has given us about the area we bought and all we needed to know about the house. James stands out because he is such a motivated young realtor who gives such a great service to his client that I haven't seen before. We are getting daily emails about a property and weekly emails on a property performa, with all the numbers broken down just so we can see how good that property is and if it fits with what we want. I also trust James 100% and love his personality! I would recomend James because he is very professional, knowledgeable, reliable and there every step of the way! I know anyone would be happy to work with James! Once you find a diamond of a realtor, you stick to them!!

~ Steph Dietz~



Working Hard With Glen and Brenda  Pays Off!

We found James to be an exceptional real estate professional with knowledge and expertise in real estate investing. He is a hard working, motivated, and personable individual who helped us to find our second rental property to add to our portfolio. As novice investors, we really appreciated James's advice and insights regarding what to look for in a good deal.

We looked at several properties over many weekend showings before we found and purchased a property. He is very well connected in the industry and hooked us up with an excellent home inspector that helped us to close the purchase.

We enjoyed the process and learned a lot from James, and we consider him part of our team. We will definitely use Jame's services again for our next investment purchase. We would gladly recommend James to other investors who are looking for great personalized real estate services.

Glen and Brenda Niska-Aro



Michelle & Gregs First House Together!

Greg, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank James for his dedication to us getting our first home together which took us over a year to find. James was more than PATIENT with us. There was never any pressure from him, he supported us every step of the way. James made himself available at anytime; weekends, evenings, Friday and Saturday nights to view houses. We both liked his way of doing business with us. We looked at many places to get an idea of what we wanted. When we finally found something we like he was FANTASTIC. He took the time to explain to use every detail of what we should and show not do. He returned emails and phone calls fast. When we would ask a question he would find us the answer immediately and give us a very detailed explanation of the information we needed. James’ LOYALTY, TRUST, AND RESPECT were the keys to use finding a home that we wanted. We have and will continue to pass him to friends and family because we know he will make the buying or selling an enjoyable and relaxing adventure.”

Michelle Howlett & Greg


Drew and James looking sharp on Drew’s new balcony.

"James worked tirelessly showing me around 50 homes until I found mine. We went out weekdays, evenings, weekends; whenever it was convenient for me.

When the process got started, I didn’t have to do anything. He set-up inspections, and represented me when I couldn’t make it. James got the right people involved so I didn’t have to worry about making a poor decision about my home purchase!

With 100% confidence, I would choose James as my realtor of choice for the rest of my home purchases."

-Drew Forward


 James found Elise and Jeff their dream home!

"I came across James by chance when we were in the preliminary stages of upsizing from our condominium to a house in 2010, after having him walk me through one of his other client’s showings I had found online. I could immediately tell the motivation, drive and passion he had for his job and knew that he would have our best interest through out the entire buying process – and he would not disappoint.

I truly believe James is a Modern Real Estate Maven! His successful investing portfolio enabled him to make some wonderful suggestions to us regarding the houses that we were viewing and their true potential, his website was a huge asset for myself being new to the buying process, and his personalized updates of new market releases made efficient and effective use of my time, having them limited to my target areas and specifications.

Since our purchase in March of 2010 I have recommended James to anyone I know that is in need of a Real Estate professional. His knowledge and dedication helped us achieve exactly what we were looking for and so much more. I can only hope that everyone is a fortunate as we were to have the same wonderful experience regardless if they are buying or selling.


Elise Coppens and Jeff Oudyk



Kyle and James in front of Kyle's new home

“Being a first time homebuyer, I was nervous and uneducated about this whole process. I initially called James to get third party advice on whether or not I should get a mortgage broker or go through a bank directly. After a ten minute phone conversation with James, I was blown away by the knowledge he had with every facet of the real estate market. I decided to make James my realtor and have been extremely happy with my decision every since.

James and I didn’t have to look very long to find the place I eventually called home. After each house we looked at, James would ask me what I did and didn’t like about it. He took this information and refined his searches until we found exactly the place I was looking for. 

I found James’ work ethic and professionalism to be exceptional. Time and again, he was willing to work around my busy schedule which meant devoting his evenings and weekends for me. I would highly recommend James Knull to anybody who was in the same boat I was.

Thank you James for all of your hard work!”

-Kyle Ponipal



Stephanie and Brett, happy with the new home James found for them! 


James recently helped Raelene and Greg purchase a condo for Raelene's mother to live in"Good morning James,

We just wanted to say that it was a pleasure working with you. From first contact to our possession date you were professional, informative and extremely helpful. I will definitely call you again for further purchases as well as refer you to others.

Thank you"

-Raelene and Greg Johnson


Chrissy and Darren Boone in love! With their new home!!

"After attending a “first time home buyers” seminar facilitated by James, we were ready and armed with knowledge about what to look for and what to expect when buying a home. James took us on as clients and the rest is history!

Working with James has been an amazing experience. We instantly felt at ease with him and knew we were in very capable hands. It can be an overwhelming experience searching for and buying that first house but James made it seamless and, I think, as easy as it could be! From searching listings to viewing properties to making the offer, James was always there to answer our questions and share ideas. James made buying our first home such an enjoyable experience. We truly feel at home in our new house. Thank you, James!"

-Chrissy and Darren Boone



Jef and James looking down from Jef’s new top floor balcony.

“I was a first time homebuyer looking for a condo that would fit all my needs. I hired James Knull to be my agent. I gave him a description of what I was looking and he got started. I got emails of listings that fit my criteria. I picked what I wanted to look at and James took me to view the condos. We went out a few times because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. Every time we went out I got closer and closer to my perfect spot because James took my comments seriously and modified his search criteria to fit exactly what I wanted.

I found my place within a month of hiring James. It is perfect and fit all my needs. James answered all my questions and if he didn’t know the answer he would get back to me within a day. James even set me up with all the lawyers and other services I didn’t even know I needed. Overall I am extremely satisfied with my condo and the outstanding service that James provided. From the beginning of my search to the time I was in my condo was less than 2 months. I would recommend James to anyone.”

-Jef K


Erin, Brandon, and myself in front of the fireplace of their beautiful new home.

"James provided amazing service for us, he made sure that we found a home that we loved at the pace we were comfortable with. As first time home buyers, James made sure that we understood the process and he went the extra mile to bargain on our behalf. We truly love our home and have James to thank for it!"

-Brandon and Erin Lunty


 Amelia purchased a beautiful character home in the West End.

“My first impression of James was that he was very educated and professional, now always qualities common among younger sales professionals. He is very personable, enthusiastic, and expressed great attention to detail for what I desired in my new home. We had a quick meeting to establish my criteria and James quickly put together a list of homes to view. He was very patient, viewing a couple homes two to four times so that I could get a second or third opinion from family.

We viewed eight house in one evening. The first house on the tour was exactly what I wanted for my first home. Being a first time home buyer I was unsure of the process and was very nervous about such a huge investment. James ensured that I felt comfortable through every step of the process, always going above and beyond my expectations of his job requirements. By the time I took possession of my home I felt confident that I had purchased the right house and for the right price. I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor to make this purchase more fun and enjoyable. Thank you again James for all your hard work. I love my home.”

-Amelia Keehn



A thumbs up self portrait from Ms. A. Krumins for a job well done!

“When I found myself in the difficult situation of having to find, buy, and move into a new condo in one month, I was worried that it would be impossible.  I was worried that I would have to compromise – on the condo, the price, and the quality of realtor that would be available at such short notice.  Once I contacted James, however, my worries were over.  James was not only able to start working with me immediately; he helped me to move the entire process ahead as fast as possible.  Within days we had started shopping and writing offers.  James helped me to get in touch with a lawyer, a property inspector, and someone to look over my condo documents.  He was always there, day or night, via phone or email, to answer my questions and address my concerns.  He is knowledgeable, hard working, and trustworthy.  I wholeheartedly recommend James as a realtor to anyone. 


I love my new home and am so thankful to James for helping me to find it.”

-Ms. A.  Krumins


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